Daily Activity

07:00-08.00      Children arrive. Children play with table toys, read books, or play in playground.

08.00-08.30      Breakfast time

08.30-09.00     Circle time, children gathered together, sing a song, dance and other social activities

09:00-11.00      Toddlers and nursery children join in preschool classes.

11:00-11:30      Clean-up and story time; get ready for lunch.

11:30-13:00     Lunch with family-style lunch and conversation. After lunch, older children help put food away and clean up. Hands are washed, diapers changed, and teeth brushed.

13:00-15:00.     Nap time. Preschool children who can’t sleep, rest on their bed with a quiet activity such as read a book, etc.

15.00-15.30      As children wake up, starting to take a bath, clothes are changed, and hair is combed.

15.30-16.00      Children have a snack together. Children discuss choices for afternoon activities and clean-up follows.

16.00-17.00      Free play: children play with table toys, blocks, crayons, read books, or build with blocks.

17.00-18.00      Children wait to be picked up. Projects are assembled and parent information made ready. Children coloring, look at books, play with table toys until their parents arrive.