Lovely Sunshine had exceeded our expectations when we first sent our daughter Sarah to enroll in 2014. Coming from KL (Kuala Lumpur), it is always not easy for Sarah to fit in her new environment moreover meeting new friends and teachers in Jakarta. But amazingly within 2-3 days in school, she had already begun to talk about her friends and teacher and caregiver and how delighted she was to be part of the Lovely Sunshine family. We had never expected this to happen that fast considering her bad experience whilst attending to a so-called “premier” day-care in KL. Until now, she always says that she loves it in Lovely Sunshine compared to her previous school.

The teachers in school are well qualified, jovial and always give encouragement to the students to express themselves and be confident. We are amazed at how well Sarah is in conversing in English and she did learn English from her teachers at school rather than at home.

The caregivers are caring and very skillful at their work. From zero, Sarah had learned to use the toilet, stop using nappies and milk bottles within 2-weeks at school. This is another amazing feat by Lovely Sunshine.

We are always indebted to Lovely Sunshine for delivering knowledge and taking care of Sarah all this while. Soon her sister Maryam will join her in school. We trust Maryam will also receive the same excellent treatment as Sarah did.

This is surely one of the most memorable moment for us in Jakarta and one we will cherish when we return to KL one day. We wish Lovely Sunshine all the very best and continue the good work of nurturing children.

Hazriq & Nurain, parents of Sarah and Maryam