Lovely Sunshine Daycare provide an exciting curriculum that stimulates the child’s learning experience. Daily program is designed to be flexible enough to respond to the needs and interests of the children as individuals, and in group settings. Our curriculum is planned on a weekly basis for each group and is appropriate for the age span of the children in the group. Areas of consideration are the different needs, interests and developmental levels of the individual children. Children learn best when they are encouraged to learn and develop at their own pace in a nurturing and loving environment. By encouraging children, they will gain the assurance of strong self-esteem.

While in Lovely Sunshine your child will have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of activities, which promote all aspects of development. Some of the activities include arts & crafts, music, math, science, stories, games, as well as letter, shape, color, and number recognition in a monthly theme format. Some of the projects will be taken home to share with the family and others will be ones that you can ask about.

The goal of our preschool is to have fun and provide a little extra learning stimulation for the older children. It will not be a rigorous academic program as young children still learn best from participating in and observing the environment around them. Our program addresses the needs of the whole child, taking into account all of their developmental needs: physical, social, emotional, and cognitive. We feel that a program that addresses only the cognitive or academic needs of children cannot prepare them with all of the skills they will need for life.