Baby Gym


The sports is a source of health, and how old you are, it is always recommended including babies.

An appropriate sports for babies is Baby Gym, and parents need to know there are many benefits of gymnastics for babies.

What is Baby Gym?

Baby Gym is an activity program to stimulate child’s sensory system and develop child in social, emotional, cognitive and physical comprehensively.

Who is Baby Gym for ?

Babies: 3 to 18 months

What are benefits of Baby Gym ?

  • It gives babies the opportunity to explore and develop their physical skills at their own pace.
  • Babies learn to be more efficient in using their bodies while enhancing their readiness for learning, rolling, crawling and walking.
  • Enhanced coordination, balance and flexibility
  • Baby Gym channels energy appropriately, and increases your baby’s confidence in his or her abilities and in trying new activities.
  • Babies are stimulated to attempt activities by following instrructor’s guide.
  • Help to establish healthy sleep patterns.

When ?

Our Baby Gym program includes massage and gentle exercise in a fun, nurturing and safe environment.

Baby Gym are held every Wednesday, 9:00am – 5:00pm